Bedz4u Returns Policy

Unwanted Goods / Wrongly Ordered Goods

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to arrange Delivery of Unwanted / Wrongly Ordered Goods back to the seller,at the Buyers expense.

Items must be returned Unmarked and in the Original Packaging please.

Goods assembled will not be returnable.

If you would prefer Bedz4u to re arrange pick up of the Goods it will cost the Buyer between £49.00 and £100.00 per transaction depending on the product purchased. This is due to the size and weight of each order and the post code area the goods will be returned from.

Please note that on any returned item/s all Couriers charge the account holder (in this case Bedz4u),to pick up the goods from the customer and then a second charge is applied to return the goods back to us (Bedz4u).

There will be a 10% re stock and handling fee applied to all returns.

Please note that unwanted Mattresses cannot be returned once opened due to Health Laws. We reserve the right to refuse delivery of any returned Mattresses, if we believe they have been opened and /or used.

Any Mattresses received that are vacuum packed (rolled up), must not be opened in any circumstances and unrolled for inspection, if they are incorrect. There will be clear identification product labels seen through the packaging to identify the product.  Opened vacuum packed Mattress will not be accepted as a return, regardless of whether the correct model has or has not been delivered.

We accept returns on unused items only, if we are contacted within 7 days of you receiving your goods.

Please ensure all sizes are correct before ordering

While the quality of our goods is assured, we cannot guarantee suitability for all individuals.

Items must be returned Unmarked and in the Original Packaging please.

Manufacture Damage

If you believe that the damage to your good/s is due to manufacture damage please forward photograph evidence to us. Once we recieve the photographs we will forward them onto the supplier / manufacturer for thier attention.

You will be sent out replacement parts a.s.a.p


We will refund you as soon as you let us know that you want a refund or from the date that we receive your item back. Online orders will be refunded within 3 days of notification prior to delivery or 14 working days from the date we receive your item back to us.

You will be refunded on the card that you used to pay for your item or refunded by cheque if you paid in cash or by cheque.


Don't lose sleep worrying about the quality of your new bed or mattress. You can now rest assured that with a 1 year Bedz4u guarantee you will be covered for the materials, construction and workmanship of your purchase.

What is covered?

Side rails breaking under normal use.

Drawers breaking or collapsing (not if overloaded or forced shut).

Structural defects.

Springs or slats collapsing or breaking.

Material or seams tearing (upholstered models).

Stitching faults.

Tufts coming out of the mattress.

Legs, castors or castor blocks breaking or collapsing.

We recommend you…

Turn your mattress every month for the first year, then once every three months thereafter (unless it’s a ‘no-turn’ mattress which should be rotated head to toe).

Regularly check that fixings are tight, otherwise there is a chance that parts may work loose.

Use a mattress protector to help prolong the life of your mattress and protect against dust mites.

Air your bed thoroughly once a month by stripping it down and opening bedroom windows.

Do not!

Bend or roll your mattress, as this can cause serious damage to the spring unit and tear the material.

Sit on the edge of your mattress. Mattresses are designed to spread the weight over a large area.

Overload or overfill storage drawers with heavy or bulky items, as this may cause them to collapse.

Walk, stand or jump on your bed, or let your children use it as a trampoline, as this will damage the springs and loosen fittings.

What is not covered!

Deliberate damage or misuse including the manufacturer's instructions not being followed.

Use other than domestic, excessive soiling or unsanitary condition.

Accidental damage, incorrect or faulty installation.

Damage due to weather such as lightning, flooding and high winds.

The cost of materials and labour charges for which the manufacturer is held responsible under the terms of any guarantee or warranty.

Normal ageing or wear and tear including mattress settlement and "dipping".

Work for which the manufacturer has recalled the product.

Loss of or damage to accessories.

Noises caused by the use of the product.

Smells which most new products have but wear off after a period of time.

Damage caused by foreign objects or substances not normally associated with the product.

Repairs carried out by the persons not authorised by us or without prior approval.

Any routine maintenance, cleaning, realignment, modification, installation, or transit.

Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the product or any loss other than the repair and/or replacement cost of the product.


The services will be provided for products bought and used in the UK.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England and each party hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

The agreement is non-transferable.

If payment or replacement is made because the product is considered uneconomical or not possible to repair, the agreement ceases and we retain the right to take possession of the product and dispose of it.

We will not be responsible for the failure to carry out our obligations under this agreement if this is caused by circumstances outside our reasonable control or malicious damage.

You will be asked to provide proof of purchase upon claim request.

Returns Procedure

If you need to return an item please email: or telephone us on 01274 317167 with the following information below.

Your Details to include

Full Name:

Delivery / Billing Address:

Telephone Number:

Order I. D:

Email Address:

Details of the Goods:

Reason for Return e.g:



Wrong Product Ordered:

Wrong Item Received: