A Metal Bed frame can match the decor of any bedroom, be it Traditional, Modern, Victorian or Art Deco. You may want to purchase a more elaborate metal bed frame to enhance the look of your bedroom or just for functional purposes. Most metal bed frames often come with a headboard, baseboard, and rails. They are both decorative as well as functional. Metal bed frames are available in many finishes including, brass effect, chrome effect, nickel effect, black and white.

Metal Bed Frames are found at bedding supply stores, furniture stores, and online shops, including Bedz4u. Choosing your metal bed frame should not be difficult, once you know the size of your mattress and have an idea about the finish, material and style of the frame. If you lack inspiration, you can search the Internet for good ideas. To make an informed decision, you should know the main sizes of bed frames available and the size of the bedroom the bed will be located in.

Metal bedsteads are available as a 2ft 6” Small Single, 3ft Standard Single, 4ft Small Double, 4ft 6” Standard Double, 5ft King Size and a 6ft Super King Size.