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Bedz4u provide some of the best children's beds at an affordable price.
We have a wide variety of themed beds for kids from as young as one- year- old to teenagers including toddler beds, single beds, mid sleepers, bunk beds, car themed beds, cabin beds, novelty beds and more!
There are many beds to choose from for both boys and girls, ensuring  your little ones won't argue about bedtime!
We have a selection of traditional and modern styles, including kids beds that come complete with workstations and storage, creating the perfect place for your child to play, study and sleep.
Your kids will have the coolest bedroom around as we have a fantastic assortment of quality beds.
Even though we pride ourselves on quality we believe in offering our beds at an affordable price, meaning our customers need not spend a fortune on comfort furnishings.
They are also shipped with Free Delivery included in the price! 
Each of our kids novelty beds comes delivered flat packed and are easy to put together and install.
The Kidsaw Range of themed beds have no screws or bolts and simply clip together in a safe secure fashion, making assembly child's play!

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Please look at our great range of Kidsaw Beds and Furniture