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Bed with storage and a divan

Bed with mattress and divan

A space-saving bed


Besides offering excellent storage for bedding and clothing, divan beds are also great for storing other items.
Divan bed bases have drawers beneath them, which can be used to store toys for kids, sheets, and clothing.
It is also possible to purchase a single divan set with a slider storage solution or two drawers.
Guests can store spare bedding in a double, king-size, or super king-size divan bed base.
Those with limited storage space will benefit from divan bed frames, which can create a great storage solution.
Typically, a divan bed with storage comes with drawers to maximize your floor space.
Our divan beds are available in double, king, and super king sizes, with drawer options ranging from two to four drawers and sliding drawers.
It is possible to have storage drawers built into a divan bed with a mattress in the base, which is ideal for storing bits and pieces of bed linen.

A divan bed base with storage is paramount for bedrooms with limited space.
A divan bed set typically consists of just a platform base and mattress.
Adding headboards to a bed can transform a bedroom's decor.

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