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Ottoman beds: what are they?

The ottoman bed is a bed with storage underneath the mattress.
Using a hydraulic system, the ottoman bed opens either from the foot or from one of the sides.
A typical ottoman bed has more storage than a drawer or divan bed since you can use the entire base for storage.
Although some of our bed frames have support structures that obstruct storage space, most offer unobstructed storage space.
Ottoman beds provide plenty of hidden storage, so you don't need to invest in expensive furniture that can take up more space in your bedroom.
They provide extra space for your belongings without taking up more space in your bedroom.
It is possible to store additional bedding, towels, and even a winter wardrobe underneath your ottoman bed!

What is the process for assembling an ottoman bed?

Assembling an ottoman bed depends on the model you choose.
Please follow the instructions that come with your chosen bed.
We recommend that at least two people assemble our beds, so ask someone to help you.

How can I choose the best ottoman bed?

In terms of ottoman beds, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
You can choose from various styles depending on your tastes and interior décor.
Ottoman storage beds come in various colors, including green, wooden, and gray.
Single ottoman beds are suitable for kids' bedrooms or small rooms, small double ottoman beds for teenagers, and double, king-size, and super-king ottoman beds for larger rooms.

How reliable are ottoman beds?

Bedz4u offers a 1 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee on all ottoman beds, except our  Sovereign handmade bespoke fabric beds, which carry a 5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee.

What are the available sizes?

Ottoman beds are available in the following sizes. 
Single Ottoman Bed – 90 cm x 190 cm 
Small Double Ottoman Bed  – 120 cm x 190 cm 
Double Ottoman Bed  – 135 cm x 190 cm 
King-size Ottoman Bed  – 150 cm x 200 cm 
Super king-size Ottoman Bed  – 180 cm x 200 cm

Which mattress is best for an ottoman bed?

If you're looking for the right mattress for your ottoman bed, it's more important to consider your sleeping position and what type of mattress would work best for you.

Our most popular mattresses include:

Memory Foam Mattress
Memory foam relieves tension at pressure points such as hips and shoulders. Available in a variety of firmness ratings.

Pocket Spring Mattress
There are various comfort grades, making it ideal for couples. Each spring works independently to provide proper support where needed.

Gel Mattress
With its cooling layer, it provides relief for those who get hot at night. It is perfect for side sleepers and is available in medium to firm comfort grades.

Latex Mattress
Due to its hypoallergenic properties, latex is great for those with allergies as it helps distribute body weight evenly, preventing aches and pains.

Please view our full mattress range here.