Standard Strutted Headboards

Strutted Headboards

Standard Headboards

Standard strutted headboards upholstered in fabric are the original headboards which have two reinforced struts that attach the headboard securely to a divan base.
The advantage of strutted headboards is they can be easily adjusted to the height you want.
This means if you decide to change your mattress, you can simply nudge your headboard up or down to fit.
Bedz4u have a range of styles and finishes within our headboard range, available in all sizes and various colours.
Our range includes a selection of handmade fabric upholstered headboards, manufactured here in the UK.
Whether you're looking for a contemporary or traditional headboard, we have plenty to choose from.
Our headboards are suitable to fit on any divan base. 
The main sizes of headboards are: Small Single 2ft 6", Single 3ft, Small Double 4ft, Standard Double 4ft 6", King Size 5ft and Super King Size 6ft. 

Also available floor standing headboards.

All Headboards are bespoke and manufactured to the buyers requirements (Size and Colour).
Once ordered and manufacture begins, fees will be incurred if the customer cancels.