Kids Bunk Beds and Triple Sleepers

Bedz4u provide some of the best Bunk Beds for sale at an affordable price. We have a wide range of full size bunk beds, including, single bunk beds, bunk beds with storage, bunk beds for small rooms, triple bunk beds, double and single bunk bed frames, most of which are detachable bunk beds. These types of beds are an ideal space saving solution for people with a limited amount of room.

We supply these beds in a variety of finishes, such as white, silver, black, beech, oak, antique pine and natural pine, with all of them being made in stylish wooden and sleek metal designs. This type of bed is great for almost any room style and are available for both boy's and girl's alike.

Highly protective, bunk beds feature tall side rails and decorative head and foot ends for safety. Our bunks are available in a range of styles where there is space underneath the bed for storage or furniture. Three sleepers or triple sleepers, where the bottom bunk is replaced by a double bed or a standard bed, designed to comfortably sleep two with one sleeper above the other. A  bunk bed with drawers is ideal for storing bits and bobs in it and these are available to buy with most bunk beds these days.

Most of these of these beds can be separated, so that when your children get a little older, they can sleep separately from each other without the need to buy new beds.

Bunk beds are also a must for any growing family with limited space and are available from Bedz4u with Free Delivery.

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