Types of Mattress Specifications

Bedz4u specializes in selling mattresses.
We offer a variety of mattress types, such as memory foam, pocket sprung, orthopaedic, or gel mattresses, in different sizes, such as single, double, king size, and super king size.
Additionally, we offer mattresses specifically designed for children.
The firmness of the mattresses may also vary, ranging from soft to medium to firm.

Types of mattresses.

Mattresses: A mattress is a large rectangular pad filled with foam, springs, or other materials used as a bed.

Kids mattresses: These are specifically designed for children, with features such as lighter weight, smaller size, and extra support for growing bodies.


Single: A single mattress is designed for one person and typically measures 90cm x 190cm in the UK.

Double: A double mattress is designed for two people and typically measures 135cm x 190cm in the UK.

King size: King-size mattresses are more considerable than double mattresses and are perfect for couples or individuals who want more space.

It typically measures 150cm x 200cm in the UK.

Super king size: A super king size mattress is the largest standard size available, providing even more space than a king size.

It typically measures 180cm x 200cm in the UK.

Pocket springs: Throughout the mattress, fabric pockets encapsulate the springs. In addition to providing more independent support, this can also reduce motion transfer between sleeping partners.


Hand-tufted: This is a manufacturing process where the mattress's filling materials are secured by hand using tufting techniques.

It prevents the filling materials from shifting over time.


Orthopaedic: Orthopaedic mattresses help people with back or joint pain by providing extra support.

They are typically firmer than other types of mattresses.

Memory foam: Mattresses made from memory foam conform to the sleeper's body shape.

Side sleepers may benefit from this because it provides excellent pressure relief.

Gel: Gel provides extra support and regulates temperature in mattresses.


Soft, medium, firm: These are terms used to describe the overall firmness of a mattress.

Soft mattresses provide a plush, sinking feeling, while firm mattresses provide a more supportive, rigid feel.

Medium firmness falls somewhere in between, providing support and comfort.

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