How to stay Cool on Hot Summer Nights

How to Cool your Bedroom on Hot Summer Nights.

Keep your windows open at all times when you are at home. This will keep a breeze passing through into the bedroom.

Keep your curtains closed and close any blinds you may have to keep the suns warmth out of the bedroom. When it’s time for bed you will appreciate the room being a few degrees cooler than normal!

Take of the winter duvet, replacing it with one with a much lighter tog enabling you to feel much cooler and more comfortable. If you are thinking about buying a mattress, why not consider a Memory Foam Mattress with a Coolmax Cover

Or a Memory Bonnel Mattress with a Cooltouch Cover?

Also available as an orthopeadic mattress called the Pearl Cooltouch Orthopeadic, which is a very firm mattress and recommended by many back sufferers.

The Coolmax or Cooltouch fabric increases comfort, absorbs and spreads body moisture keeping you comfortable throughout the night. This works by pulling moisture away from your skin which evaporates, and air moves in to keep your body cool.