Sleep is an essential part of life. Every living creature on the planet needs some sleep. As adults, we spend, on average, about a third of our lives in bed. With statistics like that, the bed we choose for our children must be set up correctly for all that time spent under the covers. Of course, the amount of sleep our children need varies from person to person. At one week old, it’s not unusual for them to sleep 8 hours during the day and the same at night. As they grow, daytime sleeping starts to reduce, but sleeping during the night (hopefully) increases. Between the ages of 5 and 11, experts generally agree that children need between 10 - 12 hours of sleep per night. Many parents will tell you they can only dream of nights like that. Still, with such an array of beds available for kids, what should you look for to make the night as restful and peaceful as possible? Let’s take a look.

It wasn’t that long ago when children’s beds were simply smaller versions of the beds we have as adults. Whilst those still exist, and we have some brilliant ones in stock, the sheer range of beds available to our little cherubs is immense these days. Whether they’re a boy or a girl, academically inclined or enjoy making bedtime an extension of playtime. You’d be amazed at the choices available to suit every budget.

For boys, we have a range of beds they will love, no matter what sparks their imagination, from racing cars, fire engines, tractors to pirate ships. They offer children a comfortable place to lay their heads and a fantastic opportunity to engage their endless creativity during the day. They can turn their bed into a ship sailing the seven seas or racing their favourite characters on a high-speed racetrack. These beds are made of quality furniture and exquisitely crafted play pieces. What’s better than that?

We can offer your little princesses an equal amount of fun. The range of beds for girls is outstanding. Of course, we provide the basic bed frames for those wanting some elegance, but there is much more on offer than that. We have princess carriages to please even the most royal little girls. Our horse-drawn carriages may lack the horsepower, but they more than makeup for that with a style and charm all their own. If your little girl is a little tomboy, we have them covered. We have a great range of racing car beds explicitly designed for girls. Plus, there’s nothing to stop you from buying any of the beds we have, regardless of gender. We’re proud to be an equal-opportunity sleep supplier!



Don’t forget, if you have more than one child needing a new bed, we can help with that too. We have a great range of bunk beds to keep them happy, including triple-sleepers, which have a double bed at the bottom and a single at the top. The only argument you might have is who sleeps upstairs and downstairs on the bottom bunk. Let’s face it: if that’s your worst problem, you’re doing alright.


Whatever you’re looking for, will have something to suit you. We monitor our prices to keep them competitive, so you can be assured you’ll always get a great deal from us. Sleep well!