Zip and link mattresses are just as the name suggests.

Mattresses that zip together

zip and link mattresses king size


What are zip and link beds?

A zip and link mattress is essentially two separate mattresses that can be zipped together to form one king-size or super king-size mattress.

What are the benefits of a Zip and link mattress?

This zip and link function is of greatest benefit for couples with different comfort preferences, or noticeably different body weights. These mattresses need to be the same in depth.
This function allows you to have two mattresses of varying firmness and support joined together to create one king or super king mattress.
It also prevents rolling together - the natural weight of two individuals can cause the springs to compress throughout the centre of the mattress causing a natural ‘roll’ for the sleeping occupants.
Zip and link mattresses are made up of two separate mattresses so that centralized compression is minimized.

There are other practical benefits to zip and link mattresses.
Firstly, if you have a narrow staircase or a difficult-to-navigate delivery route at your property, you may struggle to get a king or super king mattress to the bedroom!
The zip and link mattresses are much easier to maneuver as they can be delivered separately as two single mattresses.
Secondly, when assembled the mattresses can be separated so you can use them independently and have two single beds, or one large bed, depending on your requirements.

Most people who require a king size bed with 2 separate mattresses or a super king size bed with 2 separate mattresses opt for these due to a lack of space when trying to take them into their bedrooms. Some stairways do not have suffucent head- height or the steps are to narrow.

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