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Welcome to Bedz4u, your trusted destination for affordable Bunk Beds and Triple Sleepers in the UK. 

We take pride in offering diverse bunk bed options that cater to various needs, providing functionality and comfort at an accessible price point.

Our collection includes bunks with storage, ideal for those with limited space, triple bunk beds, and single over double bunk beds. 

These versatile designs are especially beneficial for individuals who frequently host guests or have compact living spaces. 

We understand the importance of meeting the unique requirements of our customers, which is why we offer a range of options, including kids' bunk beds, toddler bunk beds, and teenage bunk beds.

Our bunk beds are practical and enhance any room's aesthetic appeal. 

Designed for comfortable sleeping between boys and girls, our highly protective bunk beds feature tall side rails and decorative head and foot ends for added safety. 

Whether for children's bedrooms, college dorms, or guest rooms, bunk beds are an excellent solution for maximizing space.

Choose from various styles, including traditional wooden, metal, or bunk beds with built-in storage. 

Our bunk beds are available in different configurations, with space underneath for additional storage or furniture. 

For added convenience, many of our bunk beds can purchase drawers, allowing you to store bits and bobs easily.

Triple bunk beds with storage are ideal for most bedroom situations.

One notable feature of our bunk beds is the ability to separate them into two sections. 

This flexibility is beneficial for older children who may prefer to have their own sleeping space. 

For growing families with limited space, bunk beds are a necessity, and at Bedz4u, we offer Free Delivery to make the process even more convenient.

In addition to our bunk beds, explore our extensive range of kid's beds and mattresses, ensuring that every aspect of your child's sleeping space is covered. 

Our commitment to providing quality and affordable sleeping solutions extends to every product in our collection.

Discover the perfect bunk bed for your needs by exploring our comprehensive range today, which includes double beds with bunk bed, three-bed bunk beds,  triple bunk beds, bunk beds under bed storage, bunk beds for kids, single over a double bunk bed, children's bunk beds, double bunk bed with storage,

Give your kids the sleeping space they deserve with Bedz4u's functional, stylish, and budget-friendly bunk beds. 

Check out our collection, and take the first step towards creating a comfortable and inviting bedroom for your family.

Please also look at our extensive range of mattresses.



The Porto Pine Triple Sleeper Wood Bunk Bed is the perfect solution for maximizing space in your bedroom. This versatile bunk bed features a single (3ft) top bunk and a small double (4ft) bottom bunk, making it an ideal choice for compact living.Save valuable space in your bedroom or spare room with..
The Porto White Wood Bunk Bed is the perfect solution for maximizing space in your bedroom. Save valuable space in your bedroom or spare room with the Porto white bunk bed. This bunk has a simple and classic design with a white painted finish, slatted headboard, and footend that will look ..
Tripoli Pine Bunk Bed by Heartlands Furniture
Out Of Stock
The Tripoli Hardwood Bunk Bed by Heartlands Furniture is a versatile and space-saving solution finished in Pine that adds a traditional touch and is exceptionally affordable.Perfect for kids' rooms, this bunk bed offers excellent value for money and can be used as two separate single beds, catering..
The Tripoli Hardwood Bunk Bed, finished in White by Heartlands Furniture, is a versatile and cost-effective solution for maximizing space in any bedroom. Ideal for kids' rooms or guest accommodations, this bunk bed offers exceptional value for money. It can be used as two separate single beds, ..
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