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Discover the most suitable mattress with the Bedz4u collection and enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Enjoy free delivery on various sizes, styles, and exclusive brands.

To make the best mattresses, Bedz4u uses only the best materials. 

Mattresses are available in many types, including open coil mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses, non-turn mattresses, memory foam mattresses, orthopaedic mattresses, and kid's mattresses.

A good quality mattress can include ones with Aloe Vera and Anti Dust Mite properties built into them.

Mattresses that we offer come with many of these features.

We have a wide choice of mattresses to suit most tastes and pockets and sell many mattresses online.

Invest in a high-quality mattress and revitalize your sleep. 

Each mattress is custom-made according to the customer's specifications.

Our mattresses are handmade to metric dimensions, meaning they will naturally vary a little in size. 

A variation of +/- 2 cm is in line with BS1334:1996. 

During transportation, some mattresses may contract, and fillings may have compressed slightly, but they will relax to their standard size and shape again after being used for a short while.

Once ordered and manufacture begins, fees will be incurred if the customer cancels.
It is down to the customer to ensure they have correctly measured the mattress they require before ordering.

Unique or Bespoke Mattresses are also available.

Zip and Link Mattresses are available in 5ft King and 6ft Super King sizes.


Brand: Kidsaw
This Kidsaw Junior Sprung Mattress is made with Combustion Modified High Resilience Foam and traditional springs to comply with Government Regulations of Ignition and comes with all the relevant BS standards. It is free from antimony, phosphorous, or arsenic fire retardant chemicals. Ensure the ..
Brand: Kidsaw
Discover the Kidsaw Junior Foam Mattress—an excellent choice for your child's sleep comfort and safety. Crafted with Combustion Modified High Resilience Foam, this mattress adheres to all relevant BS standards, ensuring compliance with government regulations. What sets this mattress apart ..
Brand: Kidsaw
Discover the Kidsaw Junior Fibre Corovin Mattress—a product that prioritises safety, comfort, and easy maintenance for your child's peaceful sleep. This mattress adheres to Government regulations, ensuring it meets high standards for your little one's well-being.Crafted with a high-density poly..
Brand: Kidsaw
Introducing the Kidsaw Reflex Foam Starter Mattress—a standard UK single-sized mattress designed with your child's comfort and well-being in mind. Crafted from high-quality reflex foam, this mattress provides a supportive and comfortable sleep surface that moulds to your child's body as they re..
Brand: Kidsaw
The Kidsaw Single Deluxe Sprung Mattress is an epitome of comfort and breathability designed for a restful night's sleep. This mattress combines innovative features to ensure your child's supportive and hygienic sleep environment.A 2.5cm layer of air foam sits above the Bonnell springs at the c..
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